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Freitag, 27. Juli 2007

Cut&Run mal andersrum

Und weiter geht's in der endlosen Reihe der beliebtesten Irakkriegsirrtümer:

Irrtum 127: Der irakische Widerstand wird von Tag zu Tag immer stärker

“Al-Qaeda’s days are numbered and right now he is scrambling,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Michael, who commands a battalion of 700 troops in Doura.

A key factor is that local people and members of al-Qaeda itself have become sickened by the violence and are starting to rebel, Lieutenant-Colonel Michael said. “The people have got to deny them sanctuary and that is exactly what is happening.”

Irrtum 128: Die Widerstandskämpfer sind ernsthaft von ihrer Sache überzeugt

Al-Qaeda informants comprise largely members of the Doura network who found themselves either working with the group after the US-led invasion in March 2003, or signed up to earn extra cash because there were no other jobs going. Disgusted at the attacks and intimidation techniques used on friends, neighbours and even relatives, they are now increasingly looking for a way out, US officers say.

Irrtum 129: Der Widerstand vertritt die Interessen der irakischen Bevölkerung
Irrtum 130: Es ist unangebracht, in diesem Konflikt von gut und böse zu reden
Irrtum 131: Die Irakkriegsgegner haben irgendwelche moralischen Beweggründe

“It is only after al-Qaeda has become truly barbaric and done things like, to teach lessons to people, cut their face off with piano wire in front of their family and then murdered everybody except one child who told the tale afterwards . . . that people realise how much of a mess they are in,” Lieutenant James Danly, 31, who works on military intelligence in Doura, said.

Irrtum 132: Der Widerstand kämpft, bis der letzte Besatzer das Land verlassen hat

It is impossible to corroborate the claims, but he said that scores of junior al-Qaeda in Iraq members there had become informants since May, including one low-level cell leader who gave vital information after his arrest.

“He gave us dates, places and names and who did what,” Lieutenant Danly said. When asked why he was being so forthcoming, the man said: “Because I am sick of it and I hate them, and I am done.”

Irrtum 133: Die Iraker kooperieren lieber mit dem Widerstand als mit den Besatzern

“People in al-Qaeda come to us and give us information,” said Lieutenant Scott Flanigan, as he drove past a line of fruit and vegetable stalls near a shabby shopping street in Doura, where people were buying bread and other groceries.

The informants were not seeking an amnesty for crimes that they had committed. “They just do not want to be killed,” Lieutenant Flanigan said.

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