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Sonntag, 12. November 2006

Gegen das Schweigen der arabischen Welt!

Wir sind gewöhnt vom "Schweigen des Westens" zu sprechen, wenn wir uns über Verbrechen irgendwo auf dem Planeten empören. Warum eigentlich? Sicher hätten die Menschen im Westen am ehesten die Zeit und das Geld um etwas auszurichten. Aber die Welt in der wir alle leben ist nicht nur wirtschaftlich globalisiert. Und deswegen müssen wir uns nicht wundern, wenn plötzlich arabische Intellektuelle mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen...

Darfur: Appeal from intellectuals of the Arab world
Since 2003, war has been raging in Darfur. So far, the death toll has risen to 300 000, while over two milion people - one third of the region’s population - were chased out of their land (80% of their villages having been destroyed).

In spite of countless appeals from the international community, civilians are still the targets of the Sudanese armed forces as well as of the Janjawid, a local militia armed by Khartoum’s military regime. Moreover, the population of Darfur suffers acts of violence and human rights abuses from warring factions of the rebellion.

Although in May 2006 a peace agreement was signed by some of the rebel groups and the Sudanese government, mass rapes and attacks against civilians and international humanitarian personnel have been on the increase in western Sudan. Meanwhile, war crimes and serious attacks against humanitarian international laws are still going unpunished. Local agriculture has been ruined by the massive transfer of rural populations to refugee camps so that people now heavily depend on international food aid. Even worse, in addition to the destruction caused by warfare, generalized famine is looming on the horizon. Although the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1706, the Sudanese régime still refuses the deployment of an international peace-keeping task force in Darfur, where crimes are still perpetrated secretly and privately.

Those signing this appeal protest against the silence of the Arab world on this Issue. They appeal to the acting members of civil society and of the political sphere to put pressure on their governments and regional organizations to persuade them to take a clear stand on a ceasefire in Darfur and to force the Sudanese government to find a peaceful outcome to the conflict, respectful of the rights of the population of Darfur.

Appeal initiated by The « Manifeste des libertés ».


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