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Freitag, 10. November 2006

Gelungene Arbeitsteilung, geleugnete Arbeitsteilung

Das United Nations Development Programme brüstet sich mit einem kleinen, aber wichtigen Erfolg im Irak und benennt alle Partnerorganisationen, pardon: fast alle Partnerorganisationen, die ihn möglich gemacht haben:

Until recently, most Iraqis relied on foreign media for news on their own country. Now, thanks to Voices of Iraq, a recently-established online news agency, they have access to up-to-date, professional reporting produced by Iraqis for Iraqis. In 2004, UNDP teamed up with the Reuters Foundation, a charitable trust specializing in journalism training, to set up an online ‘news-exchange’ platform to allow Iraqi reporters to share their stories. With additional funding from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, this network has now become a fully- fledged news agency, which provides breaking news to local, regional and international media. Staffed and run by local journalists reporting on their own people and government, this news agency, the first of its kind in Iraq, constitutes an important step towards the development of a free, open and transparent democratic debate. Voices of Iraq (www.aswataliraq.info) publishes over 600 news items a month, providing a full picture of developments affecting local communities countrywide. The reports, published in Arabic, English and Kurdish, are drawn from a network of independent reporters and a group of contributing media organizations, including three of Iraq’s key independent newspapers. In addition, last year, training courses were offered to 51 reporters, 18 of them women, looking to hone their journalistic skills.


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